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    By Foxik,
    Welcome back! At the beginning we have to admit that the break between news threads has been a bit too long, but we believe that Seventh Miracle should be coming back to form in that aspect very soon. Today's news are going to cover most of the latest important things connected with our clan. Let's begin with the boring stuff, tournaments. Tournaments Needless to say that neither L7 WFF nor L7 DM seasons were amazing for our squads lately. Reason behind all that is most likely the lack of motivation among our players. For now we hope that it's going to look a bit better in the next editions of those tournaments. Some changes in roster and a bit of break from the game should do the trick for us. Nonetheless, losing some games after some long win streaks is sometimes needed, it's like a cold shower that will make us try harder in the future. Speaking of the roster changes, let's move to them now. Roster updates Let's mention our previous trials first, because they had to wait for the promotion a bit longer than usually in the past. It has some upsides aswell though, since we were able to test them in multiple situations. Thanks to that we are sure that... @Anwix
      ...are going to do a good job as full Seventh Miracle members. Congratulations and enjoy your further stay boys!   There is one more promotion, as our long-time WFF Manager, @Madlife, has officialy decided to step down from his role for some time. He is going to be replaced by... @DRiVeR~> Congratulations! We are sure that your experience and motivation are both going to be crucial in the upcoming WFF matches.   Such a long break between threads caused a massive amount of interesting join requests aswell, but as always we had to choose the best ones. With that being said, We are happy to annouce that... @FALT3N
    @Wanz - Welcome back! Are now officialy a part of Seventh Miracle. We are very hyped about such additions, because we believe that their impact on the clan is going to be remarkable. We hope that you are going to enjoy your stay here, welcome! To close today's news we have to mention our server, because we are fully aware of the fact that some of you are still waiting for it, and there wasn't any update on it lately. Server's delay is caused by @Flash's lack of time, that neither him nor the clan could have expected. We have some good news aswell though, since our new member, @N3xT, is going to work on it and try to finalise the job that has been done so far. You can expect it very soon.
    That's it for today, stay tuned for the future updates about our server and take care. Yours faithfully,

    Introducing the server: New Garage, New Logo & Recruitment (5/5)

    By MarveL,
    Hello there! The news that most of the community has been waiting for are finally here. We have been dropping quite many updates lately and this is the most awaited update. It will feature things such as a small roster update, and most important, server progress. We have also changed our logo to the one that you can see in the top banner. We think it represents more of a slick and professional design, and it fits our style perfectly. Thanks to @Asphel for the logo. Roster update First topic of this news article is about the small roster changes that we have decided to do. We said that we weren't going to recruit people for a while after taking in quite a big amount of members in a very short amount of time. We couldn't resist on accepting two people that will be very helpful in the development aspect of our clan and community. @Zoilo
    @kooshi Both of these members have been a part of our community before, and are back once again! We hope that Your stay in Seventh Miracle is going to be enjoyable for both sides! Introducing the server: Garage The last and most important part of the news article is here. Last part of the five-video series introducing our server is finally here. This short video will be showing the last part of our server which consists of the Garage. We promised not to disappoint so we are really hoping that this video will make all of you happy and even more hyped for the server. We will soon be introducing a way of BETA testing for the server, but more of that will come later. Enjoy! Yours Faithfully, MarveL.

    Minor Updates

    By Foxik,
    Welcome back! Today's news are going to be a bit shorter than they used to be in the past, but there are some reasons for that. There is also a reason for such a short break between threads, but we will get to that in a minute. Today we would like to focus on our recent clan wars and new additions to both WFF and DM Squads. Temporary Slump We have to admit that our recent clan wars did not go as planned. It's not a secret that past few weeks were not too successful for neither WFF nor DM squad. Starting with the older gamemode, we didn't manage to win against Xtreme Pro Racers (|-XpR-|) and For Fuck's Sake (-ffs-). Scores of both matches were pretty tight, but our squad wasn't lucky enough to close it out. That's one of the reasons for today's news, our decision was to make some changes in the DM roster to try out new players. But we can't forget about WFF, because something unexpected happened there aswell. After almost a year of win streak, our squad lost to Xtreme Pro Racers (|-XpR-|). It might not be suprising until You notice that the score was 47-93. We believe that such a cold shower could really help us when we reach L7 WFF Play-Offs, so we don't lose hope. You can check detailed results of all of our recent clan wars here, but now it's time to move to the roster changes. Roster Changes We believe that adding new, determined people will help us with getting out of our current slump, so we didn't hesitate for too long. Especially after leaving of our long-time DM member, @Cykz. We were lucky enough to get a massive amount of interesting join requests in a short period of time. Our decision after voting is to give a chance to 5 following players: @Ron1 @Anwix @Timbo360 @SkreePy @WalK Give them a warm welcome! We hope that Your stay in Seventh Miracle is going to be enjoyable for both sides!   Sadly, @Cykz is not the only member who is no longer a part of our team. We decided that... @HaxZoR @BoTToS ...should be kicked for their low activity inside of the clan. Thanks for Your service and good luck in the future boys! That's all we have prepared for You today. We are sure that some of You expected the last part of our server's presentation after previous news topic, but due to the fact that we really wanted some roster changes before L7 locks possibility to do so, we were not able to finalise all of our plans connected with server. You can be sure that it's coming very soon though. Take care and stay tuned! Yours Faithfully, Foxik.

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